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The Odysseus™ | GMT provides users with a ready-to-use or customized disaster grant management system to allow your organization to track, administer, and report grant funding and comply to regulatory requirements.

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    Administer and Expedite Grant Funding Allocations

    The Odysseus™|GMT offers organizations with real-time tracking and reporting of grant funding allocations. Track the status of vital community grant funding and measure the performance of project funding. The Odysseus™|GMT allows you to track every dollar from beginning to end.

    Large Index of Grant Program Management Tools

    The Odysseus™|GMT offers a large library of grant management tool and be customized for even more. Our library of grant management tools continues to grow.

    Increase Transparency & Compliance

    The Odysseus™|GMT can be accessed by multiple of users and concise and easy to interpret dashboard reports allows everybody in the need-to-know the status and performance of grant funded programs.

    Customized Dashboard & Reporting

    The Odysseus™|GMT gives users ready access to easy-to-interpret data reporting and graphic analytics or the option to build customize dashboard reports to analyze important metrics to their grant programs.

    Flexible Workflow Management

    The Odysseus™|GMT offers a unique balance of standardization and flexibility, allowing organizations to modify the GMT’s workflow to adhere to their programs, processes, and procedures.


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    Disaster Assistance Grants

    The Odysseus™|GMT offers a web-based tool that can be utilized to manage data and track the grant management process for a variety of Federal disaster assistance programs to include FEMA Public Assistance, HUD’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – Disaster Recovery, HUD CDBG – Mitigation, Health & Human Services’ Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) grants, Center for Disease Control (CDC) Public Health Preparedness & Response, and many more. Conduct real-time tracking and reporting of grant funding allocations that are vital to your community's disaster recovery efforts.


    FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program

    The Odysseus™|GMT allows state and local governments and eligible non-profit organizations to track, manage, and administer FEMA's Public Assistance Program. The Odysseus™|GMT was developed in partnership with subject matter experts in disaster recovery, ensuring that applicants ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Stafford Act and FEMA's Public Assistance Program. Utilize the Odysseus™|KMS to administer and manage FEMA Public Worksheets and the supporting documents required by the FEMA Public Assistance Program, or simply upload your files into the Odysseus™|GMT. The Odysseus™ Enterprise System provides users with robust system to manage all of their disaster recovery needs.


    HUD Community Development Block Grant

    The Odysseus™|GMT has been customized to allow for the tracking, administration and management of HUD Community Development Block Grants and ensure programmatic compliance. The Odysseus™|GMT has ready-access reports and charts to allow organizations to visualize their HUD CDBG expenditures, analyze data, identify funding gaps, and implement corrective actions to maximize funding and efficiency. The Odysseus™|GMT
    allows users to track, analyze, and evaluate the needs of the sectors defined by the HUD CDBG Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program to include housing, infrastructure and economic revitalization. Users can utilize the Odysseus™|KMS to provide regular maintenance of their CDBG-DR Action Plan and cross reference this with real-time access to CDBG-DR expenditures in the Odysseus™|GMT .


    Customize the Odysseus™|GMT for Other Grant Programs

    The Odysseus™|GMT is customizable to meet our clients’ grant management needs while also increase accuracy in data reporting, transparency and compliance across your organization. The Odysseus™|GMT's architecture allows ultimate flexibility to allow your organization to customize the tool's workflow to adapt to your organization's processes and procedures. Personalized dashboards highlight pending tasks and can help gauge the overall progress of grant funding and recouping expenditures.

    We are proud to be currently working with some of the world's leading disaster management experts to customize the Odysseus™|GMT for the COVID-19 response efforts.

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