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Preparedness Program Management

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    The Odysseus™ Enterprise System gives you a complete platform to manage ever aspect of a preparedness program. With Odysseus™, preparedness programs are integrated with the other operational phases of response, recovery, and mitigation, providing a unified and comprehensive program management solution


    Planning & Plan Maintenance

    Facilitate and Track the Planning Process

    Odysseus documents the planning process and tracks planning collaboration among partners and committee members in a secured environment. Odysseus™ can even track the in-kind match of planning participation, offsetting the federal cost share of preparedness activities.

    Manage Program Planning Activities

    Odysseus allows for the monitoring of planning partners, stakeholders, and committees. Assign tasks, schedule planning activities, and monitor the progress of work activities from the convenience of your desktop.

    Create Interactive Maps & Models in Plans

    Odysseus allows for the integration of ESRI maps and interactive models, turning static doctrine into interactive plans and procedures that engage and allow for easy analysis. Public facing portal allows you to share selected content to common public platforms.

    Training & Exercise Management

    Track Training Activities and Certifications

    Odysseus provides organizations with an integrated learning management system that allows administrators to track training activities, manage training certifications, and measure understanding of strategies, programs, and procedures.

    Cross Reference & Track Understanding of Planning Activities

    The Odysseus learning management system is integrated with the planning environment, allowing organizations to cross reference training & exercises with their plans. Lessons learned and improvements can be easily documented and updated in your organization’s plans.

    Generate Simulated Exercises and Custom Courses

    Odysseus™ can deliver simulated scenarios that allow participants to engage in real-world decision making. Create and manage computer-based training, track course assessments, and report learning progress.

    Collaboration & Stakeholder Coordination

    Improve Collaboration, Quality and Efficiency

    Our unique system-of-systems architecture allows for plans or portions of plans to be shared with other systems in a controlled environment. Odysseus™ features the unique characteristic of providing standardization and flexibility, while reducing redundancy and increasing version control with your organization’s plans and doctrine.

    Program Compliance & Assessments

    Systematically Evaluate Program Compliance

    Odysseus™ provides program analysts and directors with the ability to systematically evaluate the compliance of programs to various mandated, grant driven requirements and industry standards. Data analytics reporting provides users with ready access to status of program performance and tracking compliance.

    Create Customized Assessments

    The Odysseus™ allows for the creation of customized assessment tools, enabling organization to set their own standards. Users can verify results by cross referencing documented accomplishments across the Odysseus™ enterprise.

    Grant Management

    Track and Administer Preparedness Grants

    Odysseus™ offers organizations with real-time tracking and reporting of grant funding allocations. Track the status of preparedness grant funding and measure this investment

    Project Tracking, Scheduling, and Management

    Odysseus™ allows users to track the projects associated with grant funds. Grant recipients and sub-recipients can use dashboard tracking reports to assure that projects stay on schedule and performance