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Odysseus is designed by a team of innovators with a mission to develop solutions
that are designed for professionals who desire to be more efficient and
organizations that value effective cross-collaboration.

Our Services

Odysseus was designed and developed by Integrated Solutions Consulting. Over the past decade, we have continued to invest in further developing and enhancing the functionalities and capabilities of the system. Odysseus was originally designed to serve as an innovative solution for the public safety, emergency management, homeland security, and public health sectors. Today, Odysseus is being used by a wide variety of clients in an array of disciplinary fields across the globe.

We feel the success of Odysseus is a result of…

Innovative Leaders that Push the

Our success is attributed to our ability to develop innovative solutions that effectively addresses our client’s challenges, while pushing the limits of contemporary practices. We are committed to finding evidence-based solutions for our clients that far exceed current standards

Standards that

We have obtained the recognition of providing exceptional, client-focused services and celebrated for our integrated “best-practices” approach to innovative solutions. Our recipe for continued success has resulted in a continuous track record of exceeding expectations and client satisfaction.

Dynamic Team of Seasoned Professionals

We recognize that our past and future success is directly attributed to hiring and continuously investing in outstanding people. Our team is comprised of a group of professionals whose skill sets are based on a mix of academic achievement and proven experience. The skill sets range from a wide variety of fields necessary to offer a complete and comprehensive delivery of technical expertise for a diversity of disciplines.