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Response Program Management

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    The Odysseus™ Enterprise System gives you a complete platform to manage every aspect of response management programs. With Odysseus™, response management features are integrated with the other operational phases of preparedness, recovery, and mitigation, providing a unified enterprise system and a comprehensive program management solution.


    Incident Action Planning & Reporting

    Automate Incident Action Plans and Dashboard Reports

    Odysseus™ provides a central platform to provide complete, comprehensive situational awareness. Odysseus™ flexible design allows for customized workflow and mission board reporting. Pre-established Incident Action Plans (IAPs) can be shared across multiple Odysseus™ environments, providing uniformed planning at the regional, state, or national level.

    Information Sharing and Coordination

    Coordinate, Share, and Record Incident Information

    Odysseus™ features the unique characteristic of provides a standardized and flexible environment, allowing incident management teams a controlled but collaborative environment to share vital information.

    Preliminary Damage Assessments

    Conduct PDAs in the Field and Report in Real-Time

    Odysseus™ allows users to conduct preliminary damage assessments from the field. Users can report damages from their personal mobile devices, allowing real-time reporting of damages to the EOC.

    Situational Awareness Sharing

    Create Unified Situational Awareness Across Multiple Environments

    Odysseus™ offers a dynamic environment and real-time collaboration across a system of-systems environment, promoting collaborative situational awareness and sharing throughout your community, neighbors, and supporting agencies.

    Cost and Expenditure Tracking

    Track Expenditures and Costs of Emergency Protective Measures

    Odysseus™ allows organizations to track and report costs and expenditures related to emergency relief efforts. Cost information is stored in Odysseus™ to ensure federal disaster assistance reimbursement.

    Just-in-Time Training

    Launch Uniformed Just-in-Time Training with a Click of the Button

    When crisis strikes, communities often need to rely on volunteers, community partners, or existing staff to take on new roles and responsibilities. Odysseus™ provides a virtual learning environment that is integrated into Odysseus’™ comprehensive framework.

    Integrate with Other Systems

    Flexible Integration with Other Systems

    Today, users want flexibility. Whether its emergency notification systems or other incident management tools or Microsoft 365 or other unique software solutions, Odysseus™ promotes the integration of other software that can elevate the power of Odysseus’™ creative and flexible platform. Check out our huge a library of secured