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We recognize that our customers are busy and that implementing a new system, regardless of how beneficial it will be to the organization's success, is a substantial effort and investment in resources. Our focus is to maximize our clients’ experience with the Odysseus™ system and make the most of the technology’s full potential for your organization.

Training Support Services

Our staff is dedicated to providing the educational instruction needed to take the greatest advantage the solutions offered by our Odysseus™ technologies. We offer the following courses to support our Odysseus™ technology.

  • 4-hour webinar training, limit of 30 classroom seats

  • 8-hour in-person training, limit of 30 classroom seats

Professional Support Services

Each and every customer has access to world-class support with industry-leading satisfaction and response times. Our planners and technical engineers are available around the clock to support end-users, as needed. ISC’s Odysseus™ technical support team has helped thousands of customers implement the Odysseus™ enterprise and to maximize its potential within their organization.

Our team of professional planners will assist in identifying a comprehensive planning framework for your organization and uploading existing doctrine and training onto the Odysseus™ system. Our team of experts will then identify and deliver capabilities based on your organization’s goals and objectives aligned to our best practices. Finally, our team will provide your organization with content and process guidance to ensure your continued success.

Technical Support Services

Many of our clients have existing plans and training material that are in a common publishing format (i.e. PDF, Microsoft Office, etc.). Our team of technical specialists offer technical support in transferring this information into the Odysseus™ enterprise system.

Our staff is dedicated to offering clients exceptional troubleshooting technical services. Every license is supported by our standard technical support services. We even help our clients solve technical issues that fall outside of our standard terms of agreement.

Professional Media Production Services

Do you want to create simulated exercises that are specific to your organization? Our team of professional media consultants can assist your organization in creating interactive computer-based courses, custom simulated exercises, and professional media production that delivers inspiring content that engages and captures the learner and enhances your Odysseus|CBT solution. Incorporate 360 degree panoramic images, drone videos, and computer-graphic animation into your course content. Our creativity and media solutions know no boundaries.