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Odysseus™ | System Updates

Our Odysseus Enterprise System is a revolutionary software that is transforming preparedness, response, and resiliency program management. We are constantly upgrading and enhancing the program to better meet the needs of our clients and colleagues in the industry and we’re excited to announce the latest upgrades to our system.

Knowledge Management System

The Odysseus™ Knowledge Management System (KMS), formerly known as The Odysseus CEMP, Will have a new look and feel and a major update to the content editor on March 20th! Training sessions for existing users are under way. Here are some highlights of the enhancements:

  • Updated User Interface and Dashboard – The look of the Dashboard and user interface has been updated and streamlined. A new top menu bar enables access to the full Odysseus™ suite of applications for authorized users.

  • Updated print features and Export to Word Features – A frequent request from current and past users has been to export the content in the KMS to a Word Document.

  • Updated Editing Features in the Content Editor – Updates include a more streamlined process for inserting tables, files and images.

  • A new multimedia user guide – To support a smooth transition for our users, and provide new users with a fast start, we’ve created a new user guide with video tutorials.

Grant Management Tool

ARPA Public Facing Portal

Provides a portal website for cities and counties to offer grant applications online to their public. The intake from the portal is reviewed, approved, then managed and projects are tracked within the GMT.

Site Inspection Tool (SIT) Integration

Hurricane Ian demanded our team in Ft. Meyers FL perform over 100 site inspections. Our team, using the SIT mobile app, performed those, and had documented images, video, and GIS data all within two weeks.

Once a team member in the field completes a site inspection and saves the data on the mobile app, it’s uploaded into the GMT for tracking and managing by anyone with access to the GMT through a web browser.

Graphic maps show all sites and allow any user to access the site data.

Projects, Tasks, and Issue Tracking

A new Projects and Tasks dashboard gives a graphic view of all projects, tasks and issues, allowing for a view that alerts staff to any data that need attention.

Advanced Custom Report Builder

The system has custom report generation, allowing the user to create custom views of the data and save the view for future use. Then any view can be exported immediately to Excel for use on their local device


New ability to manage all CARES, HPP & PHEP grants, projects and Activities.

Dashboards to show spend analysis and Activity details

Future Enhancements Coming in 2023:

  • Interactive Business Intelligence dashboards for monitoring and managing programs and assessments.

  • Enhancements to security such as mandatory password changes and Multifactor Authentication (MFA). In the current state of heightened security alertness, we must implement these requirements to comply with best practices in security standards.

  • A Computer Based Training (CBT) course is coming soon so your staff can be trained on utilizing the full capacity of the KMS. The course can be set as a requirement for new or existing users and showcases the power of the Odysseus™ | CBT.