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Industry Challenge

Over the recent past decades, corporations and communities have become sensitized to the importance of being stewards of the environment and are often challenged to balance the necessity to be environmental friendly with desire to grow, develop, and commercialize. As a result, there has been a growing number of compliance requirements and regulations that are designed to protect our land, air, and water by preserving our environmentally sensitive areas, reducing pollution, and controlling the release of hazardous materials.

Past experience has demonstrated that corporations can successfully manage environmental concerns while offering a level of transparency that reflects their goodwill to customers and results in an increase in their market share and profits.



The Odysseus™|GMT offers organizations with real-time tracking and reporting of grant funding allocations. Track the status of vital community grant funding and measure the performance of project funding. The Odysseus™|GMT allows you to track every dollar from beginning to end.



The Odysseus™|KMS provides Board of Education officials with a central repository where plans and other vital school procedures and protocol can be accessed and shared by staff and key stakeholders. The secure yet flexible virtual collaborative environment allows for the efficient development, maintenance, and update of planning doctrine across the education enterprise.



The Odysseus™|Compliance Metric Tools are a data-driven, assessment that allows Board of Education officials the ability to systematically evaluate the compliance to various governmental and industry recognized programs.



The Odysseus™ | AAT offers Board of Education officials the ability to develop customized assessment tools that can be used to evaluate, assess, and understand their progress and program trends.



The Odysseus™|CBT allows for the delivery and tracking of learning across the Odysseus™ enterprise. Your programs, courses and exercises can be harmonized with your planning and other vital efforts while facilitating your strategy to deliver training and exercise content to your target audience.



The Odysseus™ | SIT offers a ready-to-use application for real-time damage assessments and log site-specific damage inventory. The SIT is customizable, mobile friendly, and integrated with the GMT to streamline disaster recovery and the FEMA reimbursement process.

Odysseus Solutions

Odysseus Offers a Programmatic Solution for Environmental Managers, Compliance Officers, and Planners to Coordinate Program Elements.

Environmental Reporting

The Odysseus™ | KMS gives environmental planners an online tool dedicated to the development and maintenance of various environmental plans and reports such as  Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Tier I and II Reports, NPS and NPDES Reporting, and other regulatory reporting requirements.  Odysseus™|KMS offers environmental planners and compliance officers with the unique feature of providing standardization and flexibility in a collaborative environment.  This union greatly increases your organization’s ability to manage and coordinate the design, development, and maintenance of environmental reporting and planning requirements.

Customized Courses & Training Management

The Odysseus™|CBT plug-in provides an integrated learning management system that allows environmental compliance officers to more effectively deliver and measure understanding of important regulatory requirements across the Odysseus™ enterprise.  Odysseus™|CBT provides a platform to deliver and manage customized computer-based training, track course assessments, award certificates upon course completion, and in-depth reporting of learner progress and understanding.

Simulated Testing & Exercise Scenarios

​Designed from the Odysseus™|CBT framework, the Odysseus™ Exercise Simulator incorporates cutting-edge media technology to  deliver an interactive, best practice solution to accurately test and validate your hazardous materials response strategies and other environmental programs, while effectively engaging participants in important tests and exercises..  Exercise designers can build an interactive environment that allows users to visualize operational scenarios and experience real-world crisis decision-making. The Odysseus™ Exercise Simulator provides an easy-to-use, turnkey solution to accurately test and validate operational and programmatic strategies, while engaging stakeholders and impressing your organization’s leadership.

Regulatory Authority Compliance Assessments

Designed from the Odysseus™|AAT architecture, the Odysseus platform offers a customized school compliance assessments tools that is consistent with the regulatory requirements and guidelines of the Department of Education. School and Board of Education officials can assess their school’s compliance and integrate the results into their existing planning framework.

Community Participation and Awareness

The Odysseus™ enterprise offers a variety of tools that can be used to efficiently engage residents and community partners, and solicit their participation in the planning process. Customized Odysseus™|CBT interactive planning participation module allows committee members, stakeholders, and the public to learn about current programs and provide real-time feedback and input in important environmental and community matters. Customized Odysseus™|AAT survey instruments allows environmental professionals to provide input in the planning process and inform the environmental management strategies of the organization.

Committee Management

In today’s environment of fiscal efficiency, limited availability of resources, and the necessity to balance competing demands, it is imperative that the engagement of assigned work groups and key stakeholders is efficient and effective. The committee management tool within the Odysseus™|KMS will assist in documenting the planning process, provide a method of on-going committee collaboration, offer an archival repository of planning meeting minutes and information, and ensure the active participation of committee members and key stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of the planning process.