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Industry Challenge

We understand that capacity building, safety, and heightened security measures are critical for communities all across the Nation. With the increased frequency of large scale emergencies and violent incidents, there is a growing demand by regulatory agencies and citizens for communities to invest in public safety by establishing programs that involve the continuous development, update and improvement of customized plans, training, and exercises that are designed to secure our communities. As a result, regulatory agencies have come to recognize that in order for public safety programs to be considered a programmatic and operational success, it is critical to adopt a comprehensive approach that integrates existing and improved methods, strategies, and doctrine in an efficient manner.



The Odysseus™|GMT offers organizations with real-time tracking and reporting of grant funding allocations. Track the status of vital community grant funding and measure the performance of project funding. The Odysseus™|GMT allows you to track every dollar from beginning to end.



The Odysseus™|KMS provides Board of Education officials with a central repository where plans and other vital school procedures and protocol can be accessed and shared by staff and key stakeholders. The secure yet flexible virtual collaborative environment allows for the efficient development, maintenance, and update of planning doctrine across the education enterprise.



The Odysseus™|Compliance Metric Tools are a data-driven, assessment that allows Board of Education officials the ability to systematically evaluate the compliance to various governmental and industry recognized programs.



The Odysseus™ | AAT offers Board of Education officials the ability to develop customized assessment tools that can be used to evaluate, assess, and understand their progress and program trends.



The Odysseus™|CBT allows for the delivery and tracking of learning across the Odysseus™ enterprise. Your programs, courses and exercises can be harmonized with your planning and other vital efforts while facilitating your strategy to deliver training and exercise content to your target audience.



The Odysseus™ | SIT offers a ready-to-use application for real-time damage assessments and log site-specific damage inventory. The SIT is customizable, mobile friendly, and integrated with the GMT to streamline disaster recovery and the FEMA reimbursement process.

Odysseus Solutions

Odysseus Offers a Programmatic

Solution for Public Safety Programs.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning

The Odysseus™ | KMS gives public safety professionals an online tool dedicated to the development and maintenance of public safety procedures and community safety programs.  Odysseus™|KMS offers professionals with the unique feature of providing standardization and flexibility in a collaborative environment.  This union greatly increases the preparedness capabilities by efficiently and effectively enabling public safety organizations to design, develop, maintain, and continually improve public safety operations and programs.

Customized Courses & Training Management

The Odysseus™|CBT plug-in provides organizations with an integrated learning management system that allows administrators to more effectively deliver and measure understanding of public safety measures across the Odysseus™ enterprise.  Odysseus™|CBT provides a platform to deliver and manage customized computer-based training, track course assessments, award certificates upon course completion, and in-depth reporting of learner progress and understanding.

HSEEP Compliant Exercise Simulations

Designed from the Odysseus™|CBT framework, the Odysseus™ Exercise Simulator incorporates cutting-edge media technology to  deliver an interactive, best practice solution to accurately test and validate your community’s operational and programmatic strategies, while effectively engaging participants in important HSEEP-compliant exercises.  Exercise designers can build an interactive community profile, visualize disaster impacts, and experience real-world crisis decision-making. The Odysseus™ Exercise Simulator provides an easy-to-use, turnkey solution to accurately test and validate your community’s operational and programmatic strategies, while engaging stakeholders and impressing your community leadership.

Community Vulnerability, Risk & Resiliency (CVR2) Model

Designed from the Odysseus™|AAT architecture, the Odysseus™| Community, Vulnerability, Risk & Resiliency (CVR2) Model offers strategies and processes to build partner consensus, ensure uniformity, and provide results that are reliable, accurate, and operationally significant. The Odysseus™|CVR2 serves as a dynamic planning tool that utilizes a robust library of over 4,500 evidenced-based indicators and proven methods to accurately assess, analyze, and report community hazard risks and threats.   The Odysseus™|CVR2 is a culmination of over 100 years of emergency and disaster management knowledge, and incorporates over a decade of research of hazard risk assessment methodologies by several of the nation’s premier disaster researchers.

More Info On CVR2

DHS Capability Assessments

Designed from the Odysseus™|AAT architecture, the Odysseus platform offers a customized DHS Capability Assessments tool that is compliant with the United States National Preparedness Goal (Second Edition) and Community Preparedness Guidance (CPG) 201.  Emergency managers can assess their community’s capabilities and integrate the results into a comprehensive THIRA using the Odysseus™|CVR2 framework.

Committee Management

In today’s environment of fiscal efficiency, limited availability of resources, and the necessity to balance competing demands, it is imperative that the engagement of assigned work groups and key stakeholders is efficient and effective. The committee management tool within the Odysseus™|KMS will assist in documenting the planning process, provide a method of on-going committee collaboration, offer an archival repository of planning meeting minutes and information, and ensure the active participation of committee members and key stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of the planning process.

Integrated Regulatory & Industry Compliance Tools

The Odysseus™|CPM offers a library of public safety compliance metric tools that allow users to validate their plans programs against federal, state, and industry requirements and regulations.  The Odysseus™|CPM offers data-driven, assessment that allows public safety professionals the ability to systematically evaluate the compliance to various governmental and industry recognized programs and present their findings in established reports and analytics.

Case Studies

Case Study 1 : Hazard Mitigation Planning


The Odysseus’™ enterprise provides a robust tool that not only facilitate the planning process, but to also documented Waukesha County’s mitigation planning committee’s time participating in the development of the plan. Odysseus™ can provide analytical reports of each committee member’s time in the system reviewing the plan, collaborating with committee members, and participating in the various mitigation planning tools offered by the system. This participation is shared in the Committee Management Tool and reported in a format that is consistent with FEMA’s quarterly reporting requirement.

Case Study 2 : Active Shooter Simulated Training


Active assailant and/or shooter incidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Recognizing the growing need for a coordinated strategy for active shooter incident, Oakland County Michigan utilized the Odysseus™ system to deliver three computer-based training programs that will provide fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical service responders with basic training on the tactical issues and concepts of victim care after an “active shooter” incident. Oakland County also elected to use our professional technical services to develop client-customized, interactive media that not only enhances the learning experience, but also utilizes adult learning techniques designed to increase knowledge retention. In just a matter of a couple months, over 2,500 first responders were trained on the tactical issues and concepts of victim care after an “active shooter” incident using the Odysseus™|CBT.

Case Study 3 : Regional Emergency Planning and Training


Working with local governments, public safety and emergency service agencies, and committees, MARC coordinates the preparation of a number of regional emergency plans. To complement these regional plans, MARC utilized the Odysseus™|KMS to manage the plan content and the Odysseus™|CBT to deliver interactive exercise and training module that educates partners on the operational concepts of the Kansas City Region’s emergency management strategies. In addition to these learning modules, MARC utilized our professional technical support services to develop a series of interactive exercise that allows users to apply the strategies and decision-making processes through a computer-based simulated hazard scenarios that affect Kansas City and surrounding suburbs

Case Study 4 : Threat Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis (Thira)


The South Florida UASI, in conjunction with Miami-Dade County, conducted a regional comprehensive and objective risk assessment and vulnerability analysis that was designed on the Odysseus™|AAT framework and incorporated the Community Vulnerability, Risk & Resiliency (CVR2) model. The result was a sophisticated, research-based THIRA for the South Florida UASI. This assessment was supported by a rigorous methodological process that incorporates over 4,500 evidence-based indicators and measurements of community vulnerability, capability, and hazard risk that were systematically analyzed to reliably and accurately assess the Region’s risk exposure to natural, technological,and political hazards. The Region’s THIRA was also integrated with the Odysseus™|KMS and Odysseus™|CBT to provide heightened situational awareness and understanding with key stakeholder and partners throughout the region.

Case Study 5 : Emergency Action Plan Training and Tabletop Exercise


The U.S. Department of Interior: Bureau of Indian Affair’s (BIA) utilized the Odysseus™ technologies to secure and increase the resiliency of over 300 vital infrastructure assets across the Nation.  The BIA used the Odysseus™|CBT architecture to design and conduct customized tabletop and functional exercises to ensure the efficacy of current Emergency Action Plans. The tabletop and functional exercises were compliant with Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) procedures and protocol.  The tabletop and functional exercises were accompanied by an Interactive Exercise Module that could be used to train and educate key tribal stakeholders.  In addition, the BIA requested support from our technical support services team to develop multiple scenarios to test appropriate procedures and protocols at the various dam sites. To enhance the scenario, our team incorporated interactive dam breach and inundation limits mapping reports for each of structure exercised.