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Disaster Recovery – HUD


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    Elevate Community Resiliency with CDBG-DR Grant Funds

    There are numerous Federal disaster assistance programs that are available to aid communities, but the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) offers communities a versatile program and gives greater discretionary authority than other disaster assistance programs.

    However, navigating the CDBG-DR program, as well as its regulatory and administrative requirements, can be daunting for even the most experienced communities.

    Odysseus™ provides communities with a robust platform to develop and properly administer a comprehensive CDBG-DR program strategy. Odysseus™ offers a unique platform assess the post-disaster needs of their community needs, develop and maintain the CDBG-DR Action Plan, document the engage of community stakeholders, track CDBG-DR projects, monitor and report on progress, and comply with regulatory requirements

    Odysseus Features for HUD CDBG-DR Solutions

    Real Time Tracking of HUD Funds

    Odysseus™ allows for real-time tracking and reporting of grant funds, allowing your organization to expedite disaster recovery efforts and maximize reimbursement

    Deliver Transparency of HUD CDBG-DR Funding

    Odysseus™ provides personalized dashboard reports allow for transparency and helps guide the execution and management of HUD CDBG-DR funding allocations. Develop and maintain required ARPA Recovery Plans and share with your community to build consensus on important recovery initiative

    Drive Accountability of HUD CDBG-DR Funding

    Odysseus™ offers ARPA administrators the ability to track and measure understanding of ARPA requirements with community stakeholders, ensuring that the goals of ARPA are fully met.

    HUD CDBG-DR Funding Analytics & Reporting

    Odysseus™ offers easy-to-interpret data reporting and graphic analytics helps to identify resource needs and gauge the progress of HUD CDBG-DR projects. Track milestones, quarterly reporting requirements, and other important ARPA program dates.

    Manage Subrecipient Through a Secure Public-Facing Portal

    Odysseus™ allows subrecipients to submit, manage, track, and report HUD CDBG-DR grant applications through a secured public-facing portal.

    Compatibility & Integration of the ARPA Program

    Odysseus™ can be integrated with existing tools and software including your organization’s financial management system.

    Maximize Federal Funding Possibilities

    Odysseus™ goes beyond HUD CDBG-DR and allows for the tracking of other disaster assistance relief funds to include FEMA, Cares Act, ARPA and many others. See how communities are leveraging HUD CDBG-DR funds to elevate their community’s resiliency.

    Ensure HUD CDBG-DR Compliance & Notification

    Odysseus™ provides automated notifications and simplified workflows ensure compliance with federal regulatory requirements & program guidance

    Adaptable and Customizable to Meet Your Needs

    Odysseus™ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Odysseus™ delivers a standard yet flexible design, giving organizations the ability to modify workflows, create program assessments, and customize reports. This ensures that Odysseus™ is adaptable to adhere to existing procedures, individual programs, or specific processes.

    Learn How Odysseus Can Augment Your HUD CDBG-DR Program