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Elevating Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Community Resilience

Hospitals and various healthcare settings such as doctors’ offices, surgery centers, nursing homes, and behavioral health facilities play a pivotal role in a community. They provide access to vital medical resources and ensure a high quality of life and health. Recent events have reminded us that, just like other critical community assets, hospital and healthcare facilities are vulnerable to disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, cybersecurity attacks, and other hazard threats that can result in a surge in demand, disrupt normal business operations, and cause potential reputational risk to future growth and opportunity. COVID-19 further reinforced the importance of enhancing the preparedness and resiliency of our hospital and healthcare systems and infrastructure.

Health Care Professionals understand that the success of a community’s healthcare and hospital network is dependent on its ability to plan, train, and exercise; collaborate with important community stakeholders, share this information in a secured manner across the healthcare network, and maintain compliance with the increasing federal regulatory requirements and guidance.

The Odysseus™ Enterprise System provides a comprehensive platform and suite of tools that are specifically designed to assist hospitals and health care providers in achieving and sustaining regulatory and industry standards as well as a comprehensive framework to prepare, respond, recovery and mitigate for future threats.

Establish a PHEP Grant Strategy Engage Stakeholders in the IPPW Update and Improve Plans Integrate PHEP Capabilities Coordinate with Healthcare Coalitions & Volunteers Comply with Program Reviews & Audits Train, Exercise & Educate Track Compliance & Performance Grant Reporting & Monitoring
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Odysseus Features for Health Care Coalition Programs

Increase Statewide Collaboration

Build a Collaborative Network of Systems Statewide
Odysseus™ gives State EMAs the option to create a shared network of Odysseus™ instances. The statewide Odysseus™ network will allow instances to connect and share across all state agencies, county and municipal partners, regional authorities, institutions, infrastructure, and key stakeholder organizations.
Secured Collaboration & Sharing
Odysseus™ provides secure access, creating a safe and collaborative environment to promote increased participation.
Record Stakeholder Participation and Plan Compliance
Odysseus™ documents the planning process. Track stakeholder participation to offset federal cost share requirements.
Monitor Stakeholders & Committee Activities
Odysseus™ workgroup feature provides a platform for stakeholders and committee members to collaborate on work activities. Assign tasks and monitor their progress from the convenience of your desktop.
Schedule Meeting & Record Minutes
Odysseus™ assists organizations in coordinating, announcing, and tracking meeting schedules and synchronize these meeting dates with industry standard calendar tools.
Document Input, Track Actions, and Log Involvement
Odysseus™ documents input and feedback from stakeholder partners. Input is logged for future reference and state EMA program managers are alerted for follow up action.

Manage Grant Programs Statewide

Grant Management
Odysseus™ offers real-time tracking and reporting of state grant funding allocations. Track the status of grants and the performance of grant sub-recipients.
Grant Reporting and Analytics
Odysseus™ gives ready access to easy-to-interpret data reporting and graphic analytics. Customize dashboard reports to analyze important grant program metrics.
Manage Subrecipient Grant Applications
Odysseus™ offers a public facing portal to allow stakeholder partners to submit grant applications for consideration by State public health agencies.
Grant Compliance & Reporting
Odysseus™ allows you to track your grants to ensure compliance with all federal regulations and program requirements and address any potential gaps, proactively.

Assess Public Health Program Activities & Regulatory Compliance

Systematically Evaluate Compliance
Odysseus™ provides state program administrators with the ability to systematically evaluate program compliance, federal requirements and industry standards.
State, Regional, and Local Program Assessments
Odysseus™ gives users a central platform to facilitate the development and delivery of federal program assessments. Assessments are customizable to address state specific initiatives and programs.
Regulatory and Industry Program Assessments
From assessing regulatory and industry requirements of hazard mitigation and continuity of operations plans to evaluating compliance with common emergency management industry standards, Odysseus™ offers a robust library of ready-to-access assessment tools.
Create Customized Program Assessments
Odysseus™ allows for the creation of customized assessment tools to systematically evaluate your organization’s programs and initiatives.
Assessment Reports & Dashboard Analytics
Odysseus™ provides organizations with easy-to-interpret reports and graphic analytics on important compliance and performance assessments.

Manage Preparedness Activities Statewide

Reduce Preparedness Redundancy
Odysseus™ allows users to share and mirror content across a shared network of statewide instances, reducing preparedness redundancies and increasing consistent operational practices across the region in a controlled environment.
Standardize Regional Planning
Odysseus™ features the unique characteristic of providing standardization and flexibility, while reducing redundancy and increasing version control with your organization’s plans and doctrine
Document the Planning Process
Odysseus™ documents the planning process and tracks planning collaboration among partners and committee members.
Monitor Plan Updates and Compliance
Odysseus™ provides a single platform to monitor plan updates and ensure all regulatory requirements and industry standards are met. Dashboard reports identify what plans need to be updated and when.
Hospital Vulnerability Analysis
Odysseus™ provides customizable assessment tools, to include the Hospital Vulnerability Assessment tool which hospitals and hospital networks to systematically evaluate and manage risk to hospital assets.
Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Assessments
Odysseus™ provides a foundation to deliver and manage HHS’ Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) program activities statewide. Track and record PHEP capabilities statewide and monitor healthcare partners progress in building capabilities across all healthcare sectors and systems.
Manage Muti-Year Training & Exercise Programs
Odysseus™ allows State EMA’s to manage their Multi-Year Training & Exercise (T&E) Programs on a single platform. Allow state and local partners to share their scheduled T&E activities to maximize participation and prevent T&E overlap.
Track & Measure Understanding
Odysseus™ provides organizations with an integrated learning management system that allows administrators to more effectively deliver and measure understanding of organizational strategies, programs, and procedures.
Create Custom Courses and Computer-Based Trainings
Odysseus™ allows state training program administrators to create, deliver, and manage customized computer-based trainings, track course assessments, award certificates upon completion, and report learner progress.

Other System Features

Fully Customizable Software-as-a-Service Solution
The architecture of the Odysseus™ Enterprise System allows for it be fully customizable. State public health agencies have the option to utilize our Software as-a-Service solution to reconfigure Odysseus™ to best meet the needs of their comprehensive emergency management program.
Designed by Emergency Managers for Emergency Managers
Unlike other software solutions, Odysseus™ was designed by seasoned and renowned public health and emergency management professionals. Our expertise was augmented by a software development team to design a programmatic solution for the modern public health professional.
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