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Disaster Recovery – FEMA Public Assistance


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    Streamlining the FEMA Public Assistance Program

    Although disasters are devastating and disruptive, it is important to recognize that every disaster brings about opportunity for communities to improve their conditions and to build a more resilient future. That is, IF communities effectively manage important federal disaster assistance programs such as the FEMA Public Assistance Program.

    After a disaster, time is of the essence. It is crucial that communities are well prepared to manage their recovery efforts. Disaster recovery programs, like FEMA Public Assistance, allow for a limited amount of time to identify emergency expenditures, conduct damage assessments, complete debris removal operations, and report their FEMA claim. Not properly documenting these costs or following the FEMA eligibility requirements will result in a loss of funding or adverse audit findings. It is a daunting task for even the most prepared and robust of communities. Communities need a suite of tools to manage the FEMA Public Assistance process quickly and accurately.

    Odysseus™ is a robust suite of tools that are specifically designed to help communities manage their FEMA Public Assistance claim from cradle to grave and provide a unique perspective so that they can maximize vital disaster recovery funds that are provided through other federal programs.

    Track Expenditures Monitor Debris Removal Conduct Damage Assessments Manage FEMA PA Funds Track & Report Progress Comply with Federal Requirements

    Maximize Vital Community Disaster Recovery Funds

    Successful community disaster recovery is directly correlated to the community’s ability to leverage all available funds to rebuild a more resilient future. Odysseus offers a unique perspective, providing a platform for communities to manage, track, and monitor disaster recovery funds from multiple federal and state grant assistance programs. The result is an opportunity to leverage every available dollar, identify gaps in disaster funding, and maximize your community’s disaster recovery potential.

    Odysseus Features for FEMA Public Assistance Solutions


    Conduct Field Survey of Damages
    Odysseus™ offers an easy-to-use, mobile phone compatible application for real-time damage assessments and log site-specific damage inventory. No connectivity, no problem. Damages can be documented with or without connectivity.
    Report FEMA Damage Inventory
    Odysseus™ offers ready access to site-specific damage inventory templates, providing users with ready-to-deploy damage assessment templates for residential homes, businesses, power utilities, water systems, bridges and other critical infrastructure and other community assets.
    Track Debris Monitoring
    Odysseus™ can be integrated with Automated Debris Monitoring Systems (ADMS), providing a central platform to monitor all disaster recovery activities, expenditures, and operations.
    Identify Status of FEMA Projects, Payments & Disbursements
    Odysseus™ provides a central platform to track FEMA PA projects, funding payments, and grant disbursements. Take on the capability of knowing the status of your projects and FEMA grant payments in real-time.
    Assess Hazard Mitigation
    Odysseus™ ensures that communities take advantage of every hazard mitigation dollar that is available for your community. Assess hazard mitigation opportunities for every project and capitalize on FEMA hazard mitigation grant opportunities.
    Real Time Tracking of FEMA PA Funds
    Odysseus™ provides personalized dashboards, highlighting pending tasks, work activities, and monitor the overall progress of funding. Odysseus™ reports are customizable and can easily integrate with other web-based applications to increase accuracy in data reporting.
    Monitor FEMA Compliance & Program Reporting
    Odysseus™ was designed specifically for the FEMA PA Program, providing users with a foundation to monitor compliance and program requirements. Track milestones, quarterly reporting requirements, and other important FEMA PA program dates.
    Manage & Track Progress of Community Recovery Projects
    Odysseus™ offers easy-to-interpret data reporting and graphic analytics to assist users in gauging the progress of FEMA Public Assistance projects, manage work activities, and identify issues proactively.
    Track Eligible DAC and non-DAC Expenditures
    Odysseus™ integrates with standard timesheet and expense reporting, providing transparency on eligible DAC and non-DAC expenditures.
    Evaluate Contractor Performance
    Did you hire a contractor to help manage your recovery efforts? Wondering how they are performing? With Odysseus™ you can track their progress of recovery tasks, proactively address delays in FEMA Public Assistance, and monitor their performance. All in real-time and from the comfort of a desk.
    Expedite Programmatic Closeout
    Odysseus™ provides walks users through FEMA’s arduous Closeout Validation process and provides a systematic solution that reduces weeks of closeout burden to simply hours.
    Store Supporting Documentation
    Odysseus™ provides a central repository to manage all of the required FEMA documentation. The filing structure used follows standard FEMA PA program protocol and can be seamlessly shared to FEMA Grants Portal and state Public Assistance systems.
    Train Staff on FEMA PA Requirements and Drive Accountability
    Odysseus™ offers administrators the ability to deliver and track training on important FEMA Public Assistance topics.
    Compatibility & Integration with Other Financial Management Systems
    Odysseus™ can be integrated with existing tools and software including your organization’s financial management system.
    Maximize Federal Funding Possibilities
    Odysseus™ goes beyond FEMA Public Assistance, allowing communities to manage other disaster assistance relief funds to include CARES Act, FEMA, and HUD CDBG. See how communities are leveraging programs like HUD CDBG-DR and ARPA to maximize their recovery opportunity.
    Identify Recovery Funding Gaps
    Odysseus™ tracks all disaster assistance funding, providing users with a unique perspective to identify gaps in disaster recovery funds.
    Adaptable and Customizable to Meet Your Needs
    Odysseus™ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Odysseus™ delivers a standard yet flexible design, giving organizations the ability to modify workflows, create program assessments, and customize reports. This ensures that Odysseus™ is adaptable to adhere to existing procedures, individual programs, or specific processes.
    Learn How Odysseus Can Augment Your FEMA PA Program